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Lily Collins looking stunning at the “Love, Rosie” premiere in Rome, october 19, 2014.

why is this in


taipei glows under a blanket of fog in these photos by wang wei zheng. (see also: dubai)


Southside Festival © Mitch Rue


the hunter & the deer

  • Person: Theatre is stupid
  • Person: Musicals are gay
  • Me:
  • Person:
  • Me:
  • Police: So can you tell me what happened?
  • Me: He ran into my knife.
  • Me: He ran into my knife ten times.
  • Ensemble behind you: HE HAD IT COMIN'!


Inktober day 9 - My favorite witch!


'You like it?'         'It’s wonderful!’ 

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REALEST zodiac sign stuff

  • Aries: self-centred competitive cunts but still sweet
  • Taurus: nice as heck but dont show much emotions and eat a way too much
  • Gemini: smooth lunatic manipulative assholes but geniuses
  • Cancer: dependant, emotionally unstable lullabies and probably the nicest persons you know
  • Leo: most generous and selfish at the same time attention whores
  • Virgo: steady fuckers that probably have an OCD
  • Libra: double-faced childish bitches but they know how to look good tho
  • Scorpio: paranoid psychos that think about dry humping all day long
  • Sagittarius: funny but rude, one night stands big winner
  • Capricorn: cold-hearted motherfuckers without any social skills
  • Aquarius: weird hipsters that always try to sound deep and different but VERY open-minded
  • Pisces: sensible compulsive liars, daydreamers and super gentle but hypocrites


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Harry liked Hermione very much, but she just wasn’t the same as Ron.

get to know me meme: [1/5] male characters - Ron Weasley